Bruce Guynn

  • Two # 1 and 5 Top 30 Radio Charting Songs in USA
  • Several # 1, Top 10 and 20 Charting Songs on the International Radio Charts
  • IndieWorld Vocal Group Of The Year
  • Nominated For Crossover Artist Of The Year (New Music Awards)
  • Tours For The Troups, Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt, American Embassy (Cairo)
  • Tours to China and Australia


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Sweet Inspiration

I'm Not Runnin'






Bruce Guynn & Big Rain

Bruce Guynn & Big Rain is heard on radio stations throughout the world taking this collaboration and sound to perform on six continents. After Industry Honors as Vocal Group of the Year, Nominations for Crossover Artist of the Year, several number 1’s and consistently showing up in the top spots on various music charts, their sound continues to spread throughout the world in greater volume landing them at 17 on the European (ECMA) Top 100 Chart. This popularity also placed Big Rain in the Top Ten on various Airplay Charts in the USA, Australia, and Japan. Their music has consistently been on the top of various radio and music charts in the USA, Europe, and Australia. Currently their new single release “Recipe for a Broken Heart” has reached # 5 on Roots Music Pop Country Chart and # 23 on the (ECMA) European Top 100 Chart.

While performing nonstop for fourteen years they have shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the business and established a reputation as a great band with an uplifting sound. With over 1,200 performances, four albums and five single releases, the group considers some of their most outstanding experiences to be tours to the American Embassy in Cairo, the Shanghai International Music Festival, and concerts for the Troops in Iraq and Kuwait.

Their new single “Recipe for a Broken Heart” is impacting International Radio. Bruce Guynn & Big Rain, featuring Peter Alaimo, is known for their dynamic sound, progressive musical nature, vocals, superb songwriting and sweet harmonies. For this recording they wanted to get back to their roots - where it all started. They got together with their old mates from Oak Records, Chet McCracken and Doug Livingston, went into the studio, and emerged with what may be their best work to date.

With the release of three successful albums on their own indie label, New Coast Records, Big Rain has established itself as a recording and performing group of artists with a unique and original sound. After receiving a recording contract with Ray Ruff at Oak Records they completed their current album, Big Rain.

Each song on this album has a strong melody. Most people only find one or two songs on an album that they like. However, when you put great rhythm, groove, and heartfelt vocals into a positive feeling with words that relate; you have music that can last forever. People like to hear what they know, and when they hear something new that they like, it touches them, and they are hooked.

Big Rain is the true definition of the working man’s band. The trials and tribulations they have faced would have stopped most others dead in their tracks, but these guys stayed true to their artistic vision, and true to the music. They have done, with minimal resources, what others only dream about.

Peter Alaimo
Big Rain Shanghai
Bruce Guynn & Peter Alaimo
Bruce Guynn & Fans
Bruce & Peter in the Studio




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