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Bruce Guynn

"Life Is Many Roads That Leads To The Next Song"

New Album (INTROSPECTIVE) Available Soon!

The Album Goes To Radio July 23, 2024

Singer Songwriter, Producer, and Touring Artist Bruce Guynn started New Coast Records after his time as a recording artist on several Record Labels where he worked with some of the most successful Producers in the Industry.

Bruce Guynn is heard on radio stations throughout the world and taken his award winning sound he calls the "Redwood Coast Sound" to perform on six continents. After industry honors as Vocal Group of the Year, nominations for Crossover Artist of the Year, Two Number One Songs and consistently showing up in the top spots on various music charts worldwide the music continues to spread in greater volume. 

Since the first Album "Sound of Freedom" in 1996 Bruce has released six full length albums. From 2004 - 2019 he has landed three number one songs, seven top ten, and top thirty songs on the the radio and music charts in USA, Europe, Australia, and Japan. The new Album "Ocean Of Souls" is being rolled out, and now available. Track 11 "Recipe for a Broken Heart" reached # 5 on the Roots Music Charts USA, and # 23 on the European Top 100 Chart. Feel Free to get some Free Song Downloads @  bruceguynn.com/free 

"Bringing People Together Through Music"

The "Bringing People Together Through Music" Movement !
Is a simple idea that got started while touring California a few summers back. After making music and touring for so many years I realized I had been given a higher purpose to empower others with the joy of music. 

In that way I could help bring people together. But, It was fans who helped me truly understand the power of music. I knew it helped me in life, and opened up my heart and mind. They let me know that what I did, did the same for them. When I mentioned the movement while performing at a festival the response was overwhelming. This higher purpose was realized. 

Feel Free To Get Some Free Song Downloads @ bruceguynn.com/free 

"Bruce Guynn, New Single, 'Time Will Tell'


Recognized for two decades for award winning songwriting. Bruce Guynn brings a seamless brand of "Uplifting Soulful Rock, Americana, Blues," with elements of R&B and Roots to the stage. 

Sweet vocal harmonies ride on top of an excellent band Bruce and Company dish up a full-bodied musical fare that will pick you up, and make you move.

When an artists heart, and talent is fused with the timeless music of the past, and uplifting new songs, and sounds of life today, the live experience bridges generational, social, and cultural divides.

www.bruceguynn.com Feel Free To Get Some Free Song Downloads @ bruceguynn.com/free 

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