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     Fourteen of Bruce's Most Popular Album Songs and Single Releases 

    "The Big Rain Cafe"


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    If you are in the main land USA Bruce will sign and mail "The Big Rain Cafe" CD to you for only 12.50. This includes the mailing cost. A unique compilation featuring drummer Chet Mc Craken, former member of the Doobie Brothers, Bruce Guynn and Peter Alaimo with their award winning vocals and harmonies.  Also Iconic Producers Ray Ruff, Richie Podolor, and Bill Cooper. Producer's of Three Dog Night, Steppenwolf, George Strait, Roy Orbison and many others. This compilation has 14 of the bands most popular single releases and album songs on it.

    "Ocean of Souls"

    Coming Soon! The Sixth Full Length Album With Eleven New Songs

    "Lost time runs through me, Like rivers into the sea, Ocean of Souls, Ocean of Souls, on my mind"