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Boscoe's Brood

Singer Songwriter, and Musician. Bruce has had three Number One and seven Top 10 and 30 Songs on the USA, and International Radio, and Music Charts.

A dynamic band entertaining audiences with a breezy blend of Soulful Rock, Americana, Blues, R&B, and Roots. The popular Central Coast Bay Area based band won't disappoint, and will leave you smiling.


Singer Songwriter, and Musician Sam Regalado Becomes A New Coast Records Artist.

About Us

Bruce Guynn

Bruce started his professional songwriting, and recording career in 1994. In 1996 he released his first full length album “Sound of Freedom”. For the next seven years, Bruce, and his band were relentless playing at least 100 dates a year performing at various Festivals, Fairs, and Venues. By now Bruce had released three Indy Albums, set up his own distribution through stores with his label Umbrella Records. They were selling hundreds of albums. Then Bruce got a phone call from Ray Ruff who was a well known producer, and promoter. One of the most successful producers, and promoters in the last forty years. Bruce signed a recording agreement with Oak Records and produced an album that spawned two number one's, and seven top thirty charting songs. Since then Bruce has gone on to write, and produce several top charting songs, and two full length albums on his own Indie Label New Coast Records. The new album is titled, "Ocean of Souls".

A Love For Music That Became A Life

Starting out professionally as an Indy Artist on his own label Umbrella Records, Bruce released his first full length album "Sound of Freedom" in 1996. It gained regional appeal. Bruce and company began to perform throughout the Northern, and Central Coast of California. With local air play they became an established artist. Big Rain put out two more albums that were noticed by the industry and signed with the label Oak Records.

 That fourth album went National, and International. 

Forever A Free Spirit

Bruce's Music is on Radio Worldwide. 

From 2004 - 2019 he has landed three number one songs, seven top ten, and top thirty songs on the the radio and music charts in USA, Europe, Australia, and Japan. Since then Bruce has gone back to his Independent ways releasing a fifth album, "The Big Rain Cafe", and is rolling out the sixth full length CD "Ocean of Souls"'. One of the songs "Recipe For A Broken Heart" has charted in the # 5 on the USA Roots Music Radio Charts, and # 23 on the Pan-European CMA Radio Charts.

Boscoe's Brood

Boscoe's Brood's (Sam Regalado) musical persona comes from the music of such artists as The Beatles, Lov'in Spoonful, Emerson-Lake and Palmer, King Crimson, Toto, Cat Stevens, Talking Heads, and Tune Yards. Boscoe's Brood, grew up in Los Angeles and earned his musical stripes in the Southern California club and coffeehouse scene in an array of rock bands. As a singer-songwriter, he freelanced his music through Warner-Chappell Music and DeWalden Music, an affiliate of EMI.

New Coast Records Welcomes Boscoe's Brood

"Creative, Warm High Energy Music"

Adept in the guitar, keyboards, synth, and bass, Sam relocated to Central California where he initiated his "Boscoe's Brood" recording and live performance project with fellow artists and later moved his musical operations and base into Monterey and has since joined the New Coast Records label.

Sam is also a professional historian who holds an M.A. and Ph.D. and has authored five books with scholarly publishers.

Boscoe's Brood tours throughout the west coast and also plays rhythm guitar in the popular Monterey Bay area band “Bruce Guynn & Big Rain.” With thoughtfully arranged originals and covers, Boscoe’s Brood treats his audiences to a sound that's soft-spoken, fast-moving, harmonic and laced with the delicate touch of a loop. Welcome to the fun, eclectic, and quirky world of Boscoe's Brood. Feel free to visit Boscoe's Brood and his performance schedule at